A safer return to manufacturing

A safer return to manufacturing

The UK manufacturing sector accounts for £192bn of output, employs 2.7 million people and produces a vast array of goods for both the domestic and export markets.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Enva has continued to provide services to the many manufacturers who, as key workers, have remained operational to supply goods such as food, drink and medical supplies. The majority, however, have temporarily halted production in order to comply with the Government’s lockdown rules.

As non-essential retail outlets such as automotive, electrical and clothing will soon be able to reopen under new strict safety guidelines, manufacturing will also begin to restart to supply. Enva has developed a suite of products and services to help its manufacturing customers adhere to the constantly evolving Government advice and maintain safer workspaces, these include:  
Optimised collection schedules to control costs and ensure waste is regularly removed from site
Specialist waste services for PPE or wastes that may have potentially been contaminated by COVID-19
Large-scale disinfection services
Hand sanitiser with 80% alcohol content in 1000 litre IBCs
Our market leading ECOSAN disinfectant in 1000 litre IBCs or in ready to use 20 litre drums

For more information on how Enva can work with you to safely reopen and maintain your manufacturing operations please click here or contact us