Covid-19 business solutions

Covid-19 business solutions

Enva has developed a portfolio of products and services to help businesses, educational establishments and local authorities protect their employees and the public as lockdown measures are eased.  

Planning your return to the workplace

Whilst all businesses should adhere to local and sector specific requirements and advice, there are certain fundamentals that should feature in  any organisation’s planning for a safe return to work and then on an ongoing basis.

A full risk assessment should be carried out for all workplaces and facilities that have been closed for an extended period of time. This must address the specific risks associated with COVID-19 as well as general health and wellbeing. 

Staying COVID-19 Secure

It is important that alongside social distancing advice, workplaces and common spaces are deep cleaned prior to people returning and that enhanced cleaning should happen regularly to help prevent further outbreaks occurring. There should be frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly such as keyboards, control panels, door handles and tools. Hand sanitisers should be provided in multiple locations, in addition to washrooms. Increased provision of waste facilities and more frequent waste collection services are also recommended. More specialised waste services may also be needed for certain waste streams such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other COVID-19 waste.

If there is a suspected case of COVID-19, surfaces potentially infected by a symptomatic person must be cleaned and disinfected using either a combined detergent disinfectant solution at a dilution of 1,000 parts per million available chlorine or a ‘household’ detergent followed by separate disinfectant (1000 ppm

Disinfection & Hand Sanitiser Products

Enva is focused on ensuring its customers have the products they require at the time and place they need them. This is supported by its highly flexible manufacturing processes and supply chain logistics. Our high-quality alcohol-based sanitiser and disinfection products are suitable for a range of users including schools, businesses, airlines, local authorities, facility managers and cleaning companies. Enva also provides products direct to end users and works with some of the UK and Ireland’s best-known brands.  

When required, Enva can also provide a full turnkey disinfection service. This service includes provision of fully trained personnel and the equipment needed to undertake internal or external largescale disinfection work on either a one-off or contracted basis.

Ecosan – Disinfectant

Enva’s market leading disinfectant - ECOSAN  - Vantocil - a fast-acting bactericide and virucide and is a 20% aqueous solution of poly (hexamethylene biguanide) hydrochloride, also known as PHMB. It kills over 99.9% of bacteria including the COVID-19 virus.

Formulated for its broad spectrum of antibacterial and virucidal properties, ECOSAN provides a safe and effective replacement for conventional cleaners, bleaches, and disinfectants. Being water based, ECOSAN is safe and easy to use, with no unwanted side effects such as taint, smell, or handling hazards.

ECOSAN is a powerful concentrated disinfectant sanitiser for use on all food preparation surfaces and food processing equipment, walls, floors, laboratories, and other high-risk areas. Areas of application for ECOSAN include public transport, airlines, sterile laboratories, office desks, hotel and catering kitchens, surgical benches, dentistry appliances, veterinary clinics, nursing homes and restaurants.

ECOSAN is immediately available for supply and delivery across the UK and Ireland in 1000 litre IBC’s or in ready to use 20 litre drums. 

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser 

Available for immediate despatch throughout the UK, Enva supplies and delivers an ethanol-based hand sanitiser product containing 80% alcohol content and additional compounds to prevent drying of the skin. The product is supplied ready to use in 1000 litre IBC’s with no minimum order quantity. 

Hand sanitisers provide a convenient and effective way to clean hands if soap and water are not available and are used to destroy microorganisms on the hands. Sanitisers with an alcohol concentration between 60–95% are more effective at killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Ethanol is considered highly effective in combating a large spectrum of microorganisms which can linger on the skin.  Alcohols destroy disease-causing agents,(pathogens) by breaking apart proteins, splitting cells into pieces or disrupting a cell’s metabolism.

Disinfection Services – Commercial 

Enva’s industrial disinfection service utilises mobile mist spraying equipment and our ECOSAN disinfectant product to sanitise large workspaces or travel environments such as: public transport, offices, factories, shops & retail outlets, call centres, schools, public buildings, vehicles & vehicle cabs, planes and other hard to reach areas.

Commercial disinfection can be deployed as a one-off service prior to people returning to work or on a regular basis in high transit environments such as public transport or airlines.

Disinfection Services – Municipal

Enva provides local authorities with a fully managed street disinfection service. This service mobilises tankers with misting sprays. These are operated by fully trained Enva employees, all of whom have the necessary PPE and will work to a pre-agreed route.

Disinfecting streets and other public areas kills the COVID-19 virus when present on surfaces. This reduces the opportunity for infection and breaks any existing infection chain. 

Large scale disinfection also reassures residents and business owners that every effort is being taken to protect themselves and their communities.

Waste Collection 

Increasing the frequency of waste collection services plays an important role in keeping workspaces clean and safe.  In addition to its general waste and recycling services, Enva is also able to provide a solution for the safe and secure collection, transport and treatment of material that is potentially contaminated with COVID-19. All waste will be processed by appropriately licenced and regulated facilities.

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