Bulk Hand Sanitiser Disposal

Bulk Hand Sanitiser Disposal

Businesses are reminded to check the expiry date on hand sanitiser liquid and gels that they may have in storage. Following the mass purchase of sanitiser related products at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, bulk stored products may be coming to the end of their best before shelf-life. The industry standard for hand sanitiser expiry is generally 2 to 3 years, by which point the active ingredient, alcohol, is no longer effective as this evaporates over time.

Hand sanitiser liquid and gel waste is classed as a hazardous waste in large quantities, due to its flammability, arising from the product’s alcohol content. Sanitisers with an alcohol concentration between 60–95% are most effective at killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Enva provides solutions for the safe, compliant disposal of large quantities of alcohol-based hand sanitiser liquids, gels, and wipes. Material is separated via a de-packaging unit to separate the plastic from the liquid, the liquid is then blended into an energy from waste fuel for cement kilns in the UK, avoiding the use of virgin resources. We also recycle and recover the associated packaging materials, including plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, pallets and crates. 

“Enva recently moved a large quantity of Hand Sanitisers in various bottles from our healthcare distribution customer. From start to finish the process was easy with just a handful of questions to ensure the best possible price could be provided. In total 57 pallets worth of material moved within 24 hours and the customer was extremely happy to have space within their storage area again.”

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As with all waste types, our focus is on recycling and recovery through new and innovative processes. If waste cannot be recycled or recovered it will be treated to ensure it can be disposed of safely and compliantly.

Enva offer ad hoc or scheduled hazardous and specialist waste collections to meet our customer requirements. All waste is packaged, labelled and transported according ADR/IMDG regulations to one of our licensed facilities. On site surveys, sampling and testing services combined with our laboratory facilities can identify waste material and advise on safe, compliant storage.

For auditing and regulatory compliance waste is tracked through our processes, reports and certificates of treatment/recovery/disposal provided as standard. Our team of professionals also advise on waste handling, waste storage and spills. Read more 

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Many hazardous products and industrial chemicals are distributed in packaging such as plastic drums, metal drums and IBCs. This contaminated packaging needs to be removed and recovered in an efficient, compliant and environmentally sustainable manner. Enva’s managed recovery solutions comprise an assessment of the nature of the contamination alongside tailored handling approaches. Read more

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Enva offers safe and reliable tank cleaning, neutralisation, decommissioning and integrity testing via a portfolio of services. Fully compliant, with a focus on detailed site safety and emergency procedures; customised tank maintenance programs are developed to our customers exacting requirements. Read more

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