Construction Site Dewatering

Construction Site Dewatering

Enva’s dewatering and water treatment services focus on designing bespoke water treatment solutions for brownfield sites, contaminated lands and construction sites which require the removal of ground and surface water volumes to facilitate excavation. We also manage the excavation of contaminated soils and the pumping of groundwater through to treatment and recovery. 

Enva technicians, engineers and scientists are experienced in project managing large scale highly regulated decommissioning, remediation, cleaning and decontamination works. 

Our hazardous waste treatment facilities devise waste stream specific chemical, biological and physical decontamination methodologies within a framework of environmental health, safety and compliance.

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Integrated approach and tailored services;

  • Discharge licence applications with relevant authorities
  • Pumping diagnostics, testing, monitoring, reporting
  • Dewatering system design, installation, maintenance and decommissioning
  • Project management and reporting
  • Well installation
  • Equipment hire (pumps, tanks, filters, loggers etc).
  • Effective treatment of pH, suspended solids, hydrocarbon contamination etc.
  • Remotely accessible live data monitoring of discharge water quality parameters
  • Water sampling and accredited laboratory analysis

Groundwater is often encountered during the construction works, due to depths of excavations and basement construction. It is essential that a suitable dewatering strategy is implemented to avoid costly delays and issues to build programmes.

Enva can design, install and monitor a tailor-made dewatering system and groundwater treatment solution for customer sites.

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Groundwater can become polluted or contaminated as a result of historical industrial land-uses. Contaminated groundwater can potentially be a hazard to public health and water quality and may require treatment prior to discharge. 

Contaminants found in groundwater can include a broad spectrum of organic and inorganic chemicals, such as petroleum hydrocarbons or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and free phase liquids such as tars, diesel and various oils. Effective treatment is required to remove these contaminants for groundwater for discharge from site.  

During excavations significant suspended solids contamination can arise in water volumes, requiring effective treatment prior to discharge. Enva can help you analyse the quality of your groundwater by taking samples from boreholes and pumping systems and, once these are determined, provide you with the solution most appropriate to your needs.

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Where site investigations find that dewatering of the excavations are required, and an excavation is made without suitable groundwater control, there is risk that:

  • The excavation may flood as a result of groundwater inflows
  • Groundwater pressures can cause excessive hydrostatic loads on structures 
  • Groundwater uplift pressures beneath the basement floor can give the risk of a base heave

To mitigate these risks, a dewatering strategy, compliant with all environmental requirements is developed.

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Enva can supply pumps, settlement tanks for suspended solids control, mobile oil/water separators, chemical dosing units, polymer dosing units, carbon and sand filters, PH correction units and data loggers, and remote monitoring equipment. We have a large fleet of specialised equipment including ADR vacuum trucks, chemical blending and pumping batch plants etc.

A diverse team of engineers and scientists with vast experience in the project management of dewatering and water treatment, large brownfield remediation and material recovery projects. Our fully staffed and equipped accredited labs carry out lab scale trials on proposed methodologies. 

Uniquely positioned to manage all waste generated on projects through our network of licensed facilities and strategic partners in the UK and Island of Ireland, offering a secure supply chain from physical cleaning to final disposal of generated wastes.

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Bonham Quay was originally a gas manufacturing facility until its conversion into a storage installation for chemicals such as diesel, petrol, kerosene, gas oil and oils in the mid 1900’s. As a result, there was a significant level of soil and groundwater contamination that needed safe and sustainable management prior to construction commencing.

Enva’s contract with the development’s main contractors John Sisk & Son saw the company deliver an onsite dewatering and water treatment facility as well as managing an estimated 25,000 tonnes of contaminated soils from the site. Read more.

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