Clinical waste collection and disposal


With extensive knowledge and experience in the collection and disposal of clinical waste, Enva works with hospitals, health centres and educational institutions to the highest standards of service, hygiene and safety. We adhere to all legislation across all clinical waste streams including pharmaceutical, infectious waste, dental and offensive waste disposal.

We fully understand the hazards and potential dangers any form of clinical waste can pose, so we take every precaution to make sure it is disposed of safely.

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We efficiently dispose of pharmaceutical drugs, medications and tablets, in a controlled and monitored environment. We ensure that any expired, damaged, unused and potentially dangerous drugs are correctly destroyed, to prevent abuse or accidental distribution.

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Classified as bio-hazardous waste, the disposal of sharps is a careful procedure, including any procedural object used to puncture, cut or lacerate for medicinal purposes. We dispose of any sharp paraphernalia in our secure waste facility.

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We safely work to dispose of any potentially contaminated blood, bodily fluids and hazardous infected materials, through systems of eradication and incineration, to ensure there is no spread of infection or disease.

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As well as hospital and medicinal waste, Enva also manage dental waste. We securely dispose of any dental equipment, materials and treatment liquids.

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Although not categorised as hazardous, we handle waste labelled ‘offensive’ too. This describes any refuse that is non-toxic or uncontaminated, but still remains unpleasant should it come into contact with humans, for example, human or animal waste.

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