Wood Recycling

Whether you have waste wood to recycling, or are interested buying one of our many recycled wood-based products, Enva offers real environmental and financial benefits. 

Our ethos at Enva is simple: Many of the world’s resources are finite in their nature. We want to create valuable secondary resources from the waste that we generate, and that’s exactly what we do with the waste wood you send us, leaving you with a sense of achievement and helping you to reach your recycling goals.

We have invested heavily in bespoke, dedicated recycling facilities that ensure waste wood is diverted from landfill by being efficiently and effectively recovered and reprocessed. With seven waste wood sites around the UK, we offer a truly nationwide service.

If you have wood to recycle, give us a call on T. 0161 370 2360 or contact us at one of our Wood recycling sites.

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