Trade Waste

Shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels can generate a huge amount of waste, much of which can be recovered and recycled as part of a circular economy. As your recycling partner, Enva can collect and reprocess everything from paper & cardboard, plastics and glass bottles & jarsfood waste which we reprocess into a nutrient rich compost diverting it from landfill. We also recover other waste products from trade into energy sources which help to power industry and save precious natural resources.

Removing food from your waste stream may also save money in processing costs for the remainder of your recycled waste so you can reduce carbon, increase recycling rates and reduce overall waste.

We offer Eurobin, Bag and Confidential Waste collections in line with local regulations, including kerbside timed collections. Collection services are arranged to suit the individual requirements of your business, from sole premises to multi-site chains and total waste management.

Find out more about how we can help with your waste collection and recycling.