Enva supports Galway’s largest urban regeneration project

Enva supports Galway’s largest urban regeneration project

Following a rigorous tendering process Enva was selected to support the €105 million Bonham Quay development project in Galway city docklands. 

Enva’s contract with the development’s main contractors John Sisk & Son saw the company deliver an onsite dewatering and water treatment facility as well as managing an estimated 25,000 tonnes of contaminated soils from the site.

Bonham Quay was originally a gas manufacturing facility until its conversion into a storage installation for chemicals such as diesel, petrol, kerosene, gas oil and oils in the mid 1900’s. As a result, there was a significant level of soil and groundwater contamination that needed safe and sustainable management prior to construction commencing.

Site Dewatering & Treatment
Enva harnessed experience from similar projects and developed a dewatering solution that involved pumping groundwater and reducing its level to below the excavation depth. The water was then pumped through a bespoke on-site treatment plant, utilising methods of clarification and filtration, which resulted in it meeting the quality requirements for discharge off-site.

The solution was fully managed by Enva, with both an on-site presence and the use of remote equipment which allowed water quality to be monitored off-site at 15 second intervals. The monitoring equipment was developed to alarm and divert flow away from discharge if stringent discharge criteria were not being met. It also provided consistent and continuous data logs of water quality.

Soil excavation management and transport for disposal
Materials requiring management included materials classified as inert, Non-Hazardous and Hazardous soils, with the various classifications removed using a grid system of the site. Enva employed an independent Environmental Consultant to verify the various classifications of material as per the grid system. All material was removed from site in compliance with strict environmental regulations and protocols, whilst also meeting specific client representative requirements on site.

Enva’s responsibilities included the testing and verification of the sample grids and issuing a finalised waste disposal plan. As a result of the various waste disposal classifications, four fully licenced waste disposal outlets were utilised. Enva managed the waste acceptance with the various outlets as well as the Trans frontier Shipment Waste Consents (TFS) for the export of more heavily contaminated material.

Much of the material was excavated and hauled by lorry to the relevant disposal outlet in Ireland. Approximately 8000 tonnes were exported directly from the site by ship to a partner facility in Norway. An extensive verification process was also put in place. Every load leaving the site was documented to ensure a fully auditable record of compliance was maintained and available on request.

Once completed, Bonham Quay will comprise 269,098sq ft (25,000sq m) of sustainable grade A office space, alongside 20,505sq ft (1,905sq m) of retail and 91,439sq ft (8,495sq m) of landscaped space and is the largest urban regeneration project in Galway.