Forget Me-Notts Christmas Cheer!

Forget Me-Notts Christmas Cheer!

With Christmas just around the corner, Enva and other local businesses have been working with Forget Me-Notts annual campaign to provide gifts to orphaned and vulnerable children.  

Forget Me-Notts is Operation Orphans UK-based project that supports the social care system in meeting the practical emergency needs of the most vulnerable children in their local community. First the child’s needs and the family’s situation are assessed. Then, a list of things which would significantly improve the quality of the children’s environment is made. These things are basic necessities in any home but are not so easily obtainable for these families, such as beds, storage, and cutlery (with beds making up 90% of requests.) To provide these much-needed items, Forget me-Notts turns to local communities and businesses who can donate items, funds and purchase things on their Amazon wish list.  

Enva have worked with Forget Me-Notts for nearly 3 years, helping improve their recycling and minimise costs. We also take in those item that are more difficult to recycle, like fridges, sofas, and mattresses.  

We have recently completed a campaign to gather as many chocolate selection boxes as possible before Christmas. This is our third collaboration with Forget Me-Notts. We helped raise over 400 selection boxes last Christmas and collected chocolate eggs for Easter. This year we managed to give 546 selection boxes, helping Forget Me-Notts provide vulnerable children with 4160 gifts this Christmas! 

Brad Moore, Managing Director, Operation Orphan, said, “Thank you to everyone at Enva who contributed to the Forget Me-Notts gift appeal. The 546 selection boxes you donated are wrapped and ready to be gifted to the children. For some, this will be one of the few, or only, gifts that they will receive this Christmas. Thank you again, for helping bring a little joy into their lives.” 

For further information, please visit the Forget Me-Notts website.