Enva are pioneers in creating products that have comparable properties to virgin plastic compounds

Plastic recycling

Consumer pressure, driven by media coverage showing the abundance of plastics in our oceans is driving action from both businesses and individuals to ensure, where possible, that they are disposing of their plastic waste via the right channels to be recycled. Waste management systems and processing and separation technology are supporting the recovery of increasing amounts of plastic waste and Enva is at the forefront of these changes supporting a circular economy.

Enva has, for many years, pioneered advanced plastic recycling techniques creating products that have comparable quality properties of virgin plastic compounds. In fact, we have recently invested heavily to be able to double the capacity at our dedicated UK facility, diverting even more waste plastic from landfill and ensuring as little as possible ends up contaminating the wider environment.

Governments also have a crucial role to play in improving waste management systems and boosting the re-use of plastic through initiatives that incentivise resource efficiency and a circular economy.

Image Source: KPMG Report, Plastics; 'to ban or not to ban' June 2019

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Scientists estimate that 8300 million metric tons (Mt) of virgin plastics have already been produced to date1

Source: Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made, Roland Geyer1

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