Contaminated Packaging

Many hazardous products and industrial chemicals are distributed in packaging such as plastic drums, metal drums and IBCs. This contaminated packaging needs to be removed and recovered in an efficient, compliant and environmentally sustainable manner. Our managed recovery solutions allow for the expert assessment of the nature of the contamination, coupled with a tailored handling approach.

In Ireland, Enva operates the only EPA licensed UN Approved Drum and IBC Reconditioning Facility, offering our customers full traceability and peace of mind for their business. We also offer recycling services for plastic drums and containers that cannot be reconditioned.

Our services include:

  • Steel Drum Reconditioning
  • Steel & Plastic Drum Recycling
  • IBC Reconditioning
  • IBC Recycling
  • IBC Laundry Services

We provide the following UN approved packaging:

  • Reconditioned steel 200 litre drums
  • Reconditioned IBCs
  • New Steel Drums
  • New Plastic Drums
  • New IBCs
  • FIBCs

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