Activated Carbons

With over 150 different activated carbons available within our range, we evaluate our client’s specific requirements through laboratory analysis of spent material and analysis of the waste stream in both vapour and liquid phase. This analysis allows us to specify a grade of activated carbon which will give the optimum performance on site followed by full technical support from our expert teams.

Clean and Compliant Operations

We provide activated carbon media to municipal, industrial and commercial customers, offering high quality virgin-carbons for liquid and vapour phase applications. With our partner, Jacobi Carbons, we provide activated carbon solutions for:

  • Water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Air purification
  • Odour abatement
  • Colour removal

We also provide a range of reactivated carbons and specialty carbons for Pharmaceutical and Food Grade products. Reactivated carbons provide an economical, environmentally-friendly option for activated carbon users.

All activated carbon can be delivered in 500kg bulk bags or 20 kg bags.

Carbon media change-out services

We provide a full turnkey service of carbon supply, removal, refill and waste management through our licensed facilities. This integrated approach minimises downtime and is extremely cost effective due to the use of a single contractor, responsible for all elements of the operation.

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