2020 Sustainability Report

We are passionate about Resource Recovery. We understand the importance of engaging with businesses and processes that generate waste as advisors and waste management partners. We also recognise our customers’ need for high-quality secondary raw materials to meet their own sustainability objectives. At Enva, we connect these two needs in a very practical way, navigating technical, regulatory and commercial challenges to extract value, in the true sense, from waste.

In fulfilling this role, Enva is positioned at the forefront of the Circular Economy and the Climate Risk agenda in a way that is very practical, very adaptive and very accessible to our customers.

We are not perfect, and we don’t always realise the full potential of waste materials. Sometimes technical, regulatory and commercial impediments prevail and we end up with compromised solutions and lower value Recovery outcomes. It is acknowledging this that keeps us moving forward, knowing that we are on a journey that is ripe with opportunity to better support customers on both sides of the waste equation.

We hope that Enva’s first Sustainability Report helps you to understand what it is that makes us different. We look forward to updating you further in 2021 on progress.

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2020 Sustainability Report