A Quick Guide to CCTV Drain Surveys

A Quick Guide to CCTV Drain Surveys

The adoption of advanced technology such as HD digital cameras, push-rod cameras, remote controlled crawler units, 360° visuals and live video analysis has vastly improved and streamlined the CCTV drain survey process. CCTV drain surveys are now the fastest and most efficient way to accurately assess the condition of drains and sewers.

CCTV drain surveys

Why would a CCTV Drain Survey be needed?

If your facility is subject to an IPPC Licence then there may be a requirement from the Environmental Authority to take measures to ensure that the drainage network is in order and compliant with your relevant Licence.

Ensuring your drainage network is in good working order is a key element of drain maintenance. To learn more about commercial drain maintenance and cleaning, read this guide.

A CCTV Survey can assist you in meeting you IPPC Licence requirements.

If your drainage system is susceptible to blockages, there may be a serious underlying problem that needs to be identified and addressed before it escalates.

Protect your business by accurately assessing the condition of drains and sewers with a CCTV drain survey.

Common problems identified in a Drainage Network include:

Drain Blockage

This is the most common problem identified. A CCTV survey will identify the source of the problem and the remedial measures required to remove the problem.

Tree Root Infestation

Tree roots commonly find a way in through cracks and gaps into the drainage system. They then continue to grow and expand causing damage to your pipes and causing blockages. A CCTV survey report will identify the problem and the right course of remedial action.

Collapsed Sewer

This is a serious problem that will not be resolved with drain cleaning and may lead to environmental issues overtime. CCTV drain surveys identify the scale and location of the problem enabling you to quickly repair your pipeline without incurring major costs.

Damaged Pipes

The condition of the drainage network can deteriorate over time. Cracked pipes and displaced joints need to be quickly identified and repaired before they lead to more serious and costly issues.

Poorly Connected Pipes

Poorly connected pipes can lead to the ingress and egress of waste water or other processes into the ground. CCTV drain surveys will quickly identify the nature and location of your problem, allowing you to quickly solve the issue.

How Are CCTV Drain Surveys Conducted?


A CCTV survey includes conducting quality surveys of all pipe sizes and providing detailed reports on same. These surveys are carried out using robotic camera systems which are controlled remotely from the CCTV unit. From a position in the CCTV unit, the operator can assess the condition of the pipe being surveyed and highlight any defects in the line.

CCTV Drain Survey Report

At Enva we provide a DVD and hard copy of our report, detailing the material, size, length and diameter of the pipe along with defects (if any) graded and highlighted. All of our surveys are carried out by suitably trained and qualified operators and our reports are produced to the latest Wincan standard. If required, we will gladly meet and go through the report with you, highlighting any issues that need to be addressed.

The Key Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

Compliance Regular CCTV drain surveys and a proactive approach in assessing your drainage network will ensure that you will continue to meet the requirements of your licence if applicable. It will also ensure that reports on your drainage network are readily available if required by the Environmental Authority.

Fast and Accurate

CCTV drainage surveys will allow you to quickly analyse your drainage network and accurately diagnose any issues or potential issues you may have. On completion of the survey, your service provider will provide an effective solution to any problems identified.

Cost Effective

Most problems can be solved using “No Dig Technology” methods which can include patch repairs, relining of pipes and lateral cutting. This reduces the need for costly excavations and leads to minimal disruption on site.

Preventative Maintenance

Carry out preventative maintenance and future proof your drainage system for years to come. You don’t need to wait until you have an issue with your drainage system to conduct a CCTV drain survey. Using a drainage CCTV survey to assess preventative maintenance actions will ensure you won’t have any costly problems in the future.

Ensure fully operational drainage networks

Enva are your trusted, reliable drain services provider. Keep your drainage networks online and prevent potential environmental hazards with our tailored maintenance programmes, drain cleaning and inspection services. Visit our drainage services page to learn more about our expertise and capabilities.




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