Auto Launch

Auto Launch

Hazardous Waste Management in the Manufacturing Industry

Auto Launch are based in Ireland and are a leading engineering company involved in Die Manufacturing. Founded in 2002 and employing 300 people the company is involved in Cold Forming, Hot Forming & Superplastic Forming.

Client Issue

Management of Hazardous Waste

As part of their manufacturing process Auto Launch produces various types of hazardous waste materials that needs to be managed in a safe, compliant and environmentally sustainable manner.

Enva Approach

Site specific, tailored approach

Enva were chosen by Auto Launch to be their Hazardous Waste Management partner. In advance of the waste collection, Enva met with the EH&S Manager to prepare and plan for the works.

A site visit was carried out by the account manager and DGSA to identify any hazardous waste streams. Enva delivers compliant storage containers and arranges appropriate hazardous waste disposal for the following waste streams:

  • Waste Oil
  • Solid Oily Waste
  • Waste Paint Cans
  • Waste Aerosol

We provide full waste tracking and reporting to ensure Auto Launch is fully compliant with all hazardous waste regulations and auditing purposes. Certificates of treatment/recovery are also supplied for environmental sustainability and reporting.


Best practice environmental management

Enva and Auto Launch work closely together to ensure Best Practice Environmental Management. Hazardous waste collections are carried out regularly, on agreed dates and any new waste streams are identified and managed in a safely and compliantly.