Five Recyclable Household Items

Five Recyclable Household Items

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what can be recycled – cardboard, glass bottles, tins – the everyday materials which store our most common household items. But what about the other things around your home? 

There are a lot of items that we just throw away in bins when in fact, they can be recycled too! Here are some items you might not have known you could recycle:

You can Recycle old CDs and DVDs

We all have old CDs and DVDs which have been collecting dust in a corner for years. Ask yourself, when was the last time you really listened to ‘the best of ABC’? The good news is if those goods are still in decent condition, you can recycle them or give them a brand new home. Recycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to safely dispose of your CDs and DVDs. 

While you can’t put them in your household recycling bin, there are other recycling units that will accept your goods. Disc Recycling is a nationwide disposal service which will accept your CDs and DVDs for recycling. They can then be made into light lenses, electric cable insulation, even clocks! 

But if you’re looking to make a bit of cash for your items, there are plenty of websites available where you can put them up for sale. Ebay and Amazon have always been popular sites to earn some money and give your old favourites a new home. Music Magpie is another popular site that will directly buy your unwanted CDs and DVDs and give you money (in some cases on the same day) for most of your discs!

Makeup and Skincare Containers

It’s time to head to your bathrooms and sort out those bottles of foundation and moisturiser that have been long forgotten about in the bottom of your drawers and makeup bags for months or in some cases a year…or two! Think before you throw away those products that you didn’t quite like or use. A lot of makeup companies are now being much more environmentally conscious and using more recyclable materials in their packaging. 

So to help reduce your carbon footprint, check to see if the packaging is recyclable and made from environmentally safe products before you dispose of them. It is worth doing your homework first, so a call to your local recycling centre will help you decipher what products are safe to recycle. Just make sure the containers are empty! Alternatively, higher end makeup brands are taking greater steps into encouraging their customers to recycle their containers. With MAC Cosmetics “Back to MAC” campaign, if you return six empty packaging to your local MAC counter, you’ll receive a free lipstick. 

Other brands such as Kiehls and Lush also have similar recycling schemes where you can return containers in exchange for special products depending on how many you bring into store.

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tubes

After the bristles wear out, an estimated 59% of us end up throwing away our toothbrushes and ultimately sending them into our landfills. Many of us are seemingly unaware that quite a few toothbrushes can now be recycled, all we have to do is check the packaging. Manufacturers are starting to make their toothbrush handles out of recyclable plastic, which is helping to reduce waste across the country. 

Alternatively, if your toothbrush is not recyclable, make sure you reuse it! Old toothbrushes still have plenty of life in them even after they’re due to be replaced. A toothbrush can be a jack of all trades cleaning device, getting in-between your bathroom tiles, polishing your silverware and even giving your shoes a quick scrub! It’s a great little tool for all sorts of odd-jobs around the house. So even if you can’t recycle it try giving it a second life.


You have read the above correctly. Dentures are recyclable.

While it is appreciated that not everyone will have dentures lying around their house, most denture wearers do go through a new pair at least every three years. Though full sets of dentures are not yet completely recyclable, the metal clasps that attach to the person’s existing teeth can be melted down and sold. 

Partial dentures are often made with a high amount of precious metals such as gold and platinum. If you’re passionate about recycling those metals, then you can send your dentures off to Japan Dentures Recycling Association. The company accept partial dentures as long they’ve been disinfected from across the world, which they then melt down and then sell the metal. They also accept bridges and crowns. Alternatively, The Japan Dentures Recycling Association will accept full sets of dentures to reuse. You can send your dentures away to be remade into new pairs, which help those who are less fortunate. For more information on National Recycling Week, visit their website.


Recycling a mattress isn’t something many of us think about doing when it comes the time to upgrade to a new one. But as it turns out, our mattresses are actually filled with recyclable material. From the metal springs, to the foam and cotton, it can all be given new life. 

There are a couple of environmentally friendly ways to get rid of your mattresses. You can arrange for your local council to pick it up, as many now offer collection services for bulk items to help aid recycling efforts. This is free in some areas, while other councils may charge a collection fee. Private companies, such as Collect Your Old Bed can offer a UK wide collection and can cheaply take your mattress away to the nearest recycling depot, where all the parts are appropriately taken care of.

Find how to dispose of these items properly and get more information about our waste management services.