Plasterboard Recycling & Disposal Services

Plasterboard Recycling & Disposal Services

Why is Plasterboard a problem?

The average yearly production of plaster in the UK has reached an estimated 700 million kg, with the rise in plasterboard, or drywall, housing developments over the last few years requiring an even higher level of production.

However, a law created in 2009 has made it illegal to send plasterboard waste to landfill deposits due to the harmful effects it can have on the environment. Constructing plasterboard uses up a lot of valuable fossil fuels, and the continued over-ordering of plasterboard in construction amounts to roughly 300,000 tonnes of wasted plaster, meaning higher transport emissions and more toxins in the environment.

How to dispose of plasterboard

Enva's innovative and award winning plasterboard recycling facility, as it is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. Our facility uses efficient and innovative technology to ensure that 100% of the waste plasterboard is put back into the manufacturing process. We recover, recycle and reuse all of the materials brought to our facilities.

What can Wastecycle do for your plasterboard waste?

Enva can offer a full collection service across the UK, using bags, skips, roll-on-roll-offs and walking floor vehicles to store and remove plasterboard waste of all quantities. Our Disposal Team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you would like to know more about our plasterboard waste management, or to find out about any of the Enva services, call our Sales Team today.