Safe Confidential Waste Disposal

Safe Confidential Waste Disposal

About Our Confidential Waste Services

Here are Enva, we understand just how important it is to keep your private and confidential documents and files secure. So, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, reliable confidential waste disposal service that you can trust.

What counts as confidential waste?

We classify confidential waste as a wide range of information including personnel files, PAYE records, VAT and accounts records, customer information, sales enquiries, credit card details and banking information, and any personal health information. Any commercially sensitive information should also be classed as confidential and sensitive waste.

The importance of safely and securely disposing of your sensitive documents cannot be understated. Not only is this vital in protecting your interests as a business, but also the interests of your customers. We all have an obligation to dispose of confidential waste in a secure manner.

How important is it to dispose of confidential waste?

The secure disposal of confidential materials has become an essential service for businesses, due to increasing levels of identity theft, consumer demand for the protection of personal information and Data Protection Act legislation.

Failure to comply with the Data Protection Act can result in a minimum fine of £5,000 for your business, and the risks of identity fraud can have drastic consequences.

How does Wastecycle dispose of confidential material?

To meet our customer requirements, Wastecycle can offer a full disposal service, including:

  • A secure shredding service to entirely disguise and dispose of your documents
  • Secure destruction of sensitive information
  • Fully trained and trustworthy staff to oversee the disposal of documents
  • Certificate of destruction for your peace of mind and legal security
  • Compliance with all waste disposal legislation, including pre-treatment and other necessary precautions

We can collect your confidential waste as part of our service, to be disposed of in a safe and reliable manner. 

To find out more about our safe and secure confidential waste disposal services, you can contact our sales team today.