Top Tips for Reducing Household Waste

Top Tips for Reducing Household Waste

“As we head into the warmer months, people are inevitably going to be heading off on holiday, camping, enjoying themselves at BBQs and hydrating themselves more regularly. Enjoying the nice weather is a great way to unwind, but with it often comes a peak in waste production across the country.

“We want people to enjoy the summer weather and their holidays while still keeping green, so we’ve put together some easy-to-do tips to help encourage them to do their bit this summer and keep the environment towards the front of their minds.”

Paul Clements, Commercial Director at Wastecycle

Now that the sun is finally shining, Wastecycle – the East Midlands’ leading resource management and recycling company – is encouraging households across the region to reduce, reuse and recycle their household waste this summer.

Below, Paul outlines Wastecycle’s top household waste reduction and recycling tips for summer:

Go Green with Your Glass and Plastic

“As a result of the long summer days ahead, you might find yourself getting through more drink bottles than normal. When sent to landfill, these can take hundreds of years to decompose, however, glass can be recycled again and again forever!

Don’t Just Bin Your Holiday Batteries and Bottles

“Sun cream is an essential part of any holiday, but rather than buying travel-sized bottles and binning them when they’re empty, head to your local chemist or shop to buy some small, reusable bottles to fill and take with you. If you do decide to buy travel sizes of suncream, shampoo and other toiletries, don’t forget to rinse and recycle them so they don’t go to landfill.

“From cameras, shavers and torches to music players and speakers, batteries are another must-pack item for many. Chances are though, at some point you’ll end up with a couple of fully spent batteries. If you do, don’t just throw them away!

Batteries are full of toxic heavy metals that, when sent to landfill, can leak into the ground as it corrodes. This has the potential for causing soil and water pollution, as well as the possibility of endangering local wildlife. Instead, recycle them at your local library, school or Council reception area – or, better yet, use rechargeable batteries or solar battery chargers whenever possible.”

Keep Your Waste for Compost

“Many people don’t realise that food scraps like vegetable peelings, tea bags and eggshells all make great compost material. By keeping a compost heap, you can create your own free and green plant fertiliser, which will not only help cut back your waste, but also get your garden blooming.”

Plan ahead

“BBQs are a staple of summer and the perfect way to catch up with family and friends. If you’re holding one in your garden, be sure to put out clearly marked containers for different waste types, including food, paper and plastic.

“If you’re planning to pack a lunch and head out for a picnic on a nice day instead, pack as much of your food into reusable containers to reduce your waste. Don’t forget to take some bags with you so you can collect rubbish to take home and sort properly – especially if you’re not sure what recycling facilities are available where you’re going.”

Give Your Wardrobe a Summer Tidy

“As summer comes to an end and you start packing away your shorts, t-shirts and swimwear, take a close look and pick out anything you haven’t worn or don’t need so you can drop it to your nearest charity shop or clothing recycling point. This is much better than them gathering dust or simply throwing them in the bin.”

Sort Your Summer Clear Out

“There’s no better time than summer for giving your house a really deep tidy. If you’ve had a good clear-out and have loads of household waste you’re not sure how to get rid of, take a trip to your local household waste and recycling centre. It will be a one-stop shop for disposing of most common household waste – from electronics and metals to garden waste and wood. Many centres have longer opening hours in the summer, making it the perfect time for a visit”.

If you do have items you can’t reuse or recycle, visit our skip hire page for more information on disposal options.