Utilities & Aggregates

Utilities & Aggregates

What we can offer utilities companies

Here at Enva, our facilities are ideally situated for all your utility waste needs.

Our recycling services can help your company to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Our advice services can help you meet the requirements of regulators and other stakeholders. Our environmentally friendly systems can enhance your public reputation and help to respond to drivers from the UK government.

Most importantly, we recognise that reducing carbon emissions is a high priority for utility companies. By taking advantage of our facilities for the collection and tipping of recycled aggregates, we can demonstrate exactly how your company can make significant carbon savings.

How we have helped utilities contracts

Through the service Enva offers, we have pioneered the use of non-renewable mineral resources in civil engineering, utility, and construction contracts. Our team carry out a range of monthly external and internal sampling of all our materials to ensure we continue to supply high quality recycled products, in accordance with the WRAP Quality Protocol.

We also produce a range of quality assured aggregates, mixtures and soils including:

  • Crushed Brick/Concrete
  • 25mm Down Brick/Concrete
  • 50mm Down Brick/Concrete
  • 50mm-150mm Clean Brick/Concrete
  • DOE Type 1
  • Clean Hardcore
  • Blended Soil (Topsoil)
  • Screened Soil (Reclaimed)

Our specialist aggregates department is always on-hand to offer advice on all your aggregate requirements. So, if you have any questions, please call today or fill in the contact form for more details.