What you need to know about skip hire

There are a number of reasons why you might want to look into skip hire. But whether you’re building, decorating, gardening, or simply undertaking a massive decluttering operation, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you start to think about skip hire.

It mainly boils down to this: What sort of waste will you be producing, and how much of it will there be?

This, of course, will determine what size of skip you need.

What size skip do I need?

When it comes to skip hire, you can never have too much of a good thing. It pays to think big.

Aim to hire a skip that’s slightly too big for your requirements. This could save you a lot of time, energy and money in the long run. Because after all, it’s all too easy to underestimate how much waste your project’s going to create. And if your skip is too small, you’ll have no choice but to hire a second one.

Oh, and there’s also the small matter that overloading your skip is illegal, and if it’s over-full, it won’t be collected. So when choosing your skip, remember that it’s far better to have too much than too little.

Do I need a permit if I want to Hire a Skip?

If you have room on your driveway, or anywhere else on your private premises, then you don’t need a permit to hire a skip.

You do need to actually own the land where you intend to put the skip, though. So if you want to put the skip on the grassy verge on the front of your house, first make sure that this is part of your property. Also, please bear in mind that we are unable to lift skips over walls/hedges etc.

If you intend to put the skip on the road, then you will most likely require a permit. But don’t worry – we can take care of this for you. But what if there’s no room for a Skip outside my house? That’s not a problem. We offer a special wait and load service – just ask one of our advisors for more details.

So how much does It cost to Hire a Skip?

Well, it depends, as it’s not just on the size of the skip you choose, but also how long you intend to use it for. So while we can’t give you a precise figure upfront, if you tell us what you need, we’ll give you a free no-obligation quote.

Our standard skip hire service includes:

  • Delivery
  • One week rental (though longer term hires can be arranged)
  • Collection
  • Recycling of waste at our licensed facilities

We currently recycle around 98% of the waste we receive.

If you’re not sure whether your waste will be suitable for skip disposal, just give us a call. Alternatively, we also offer a specialist hazardous waste disposal service.

Is there anything else I should know?

There are a few additional safety considerations when it comes to skip hire:

  • Make sure your skip is easy to see
  • Keep everything inside your skip, with no protruding items
  • Don’t put your skip on the pavement
  • Don’t put your skip over any utility access points

And that’s essentially everything you need to know about skip hire.

If you’ve got any more questions, or if you’d like a free no-obligation quote, get in touch

Our skips are available in a choice of three sizes:

What can I put in my Skip?

  • General waste
  • builder’s waste
  • wood
  • metal
  • sand
  • drywall
  • concrete

Is there anything I can’t put in my Skip?

Oh, there’s plenty:

We cannot accept these items because they’re dangerous to handle and require specialist recycling services.

Good for: Small DIY projects, household waste, garden waste.

Dimensions (Approx): Height: 0.97m; Length: 1.83m; Width: 1.29m.

Capacity (Approx): 0.76 – 1.5 cubic metres, or up to 35 large bin bags.

Hire a mini skip...

Good for: Almost any household or garden waste removal project. Can be placed on your driveway, but you’ll need a permit if you want to place it on the road.

Dimensions (approx): Height: 1.22m; Length: 2.60m; Width: 1.52m.

Capacity (approx): 2.5 – 3.5 cubic metres, or up to 45 large bin bags.

Hire a midi skip...

Good For: Inert waste like sand, drywall, and concrete. Builder’s skips are also widely used by the construction industry for house and garden clearances.

Dimensions (approx): Height: 1.22m; Length: 3.66m; Width: 1.66m.

Capacity (approx): 4.6 – 6.1 cubic metres, or up to 85 large bin bags.

Hire a maxi skip...