An environmentally sound manufacturing partnership

An environmentally sound manufacturing partnership

Scottish Leather Group (SLG) is the UK’s largest leather manufacturer, supplying a wide range of industries. Working with many of the world’s leading brands, SLG contributes to Scotland’s reputation for world-class innovation and manufacturing. Alongside this passion for high-quality products is a commitment to sustainability and the environment which has led to the creation of an almost entirely closed loop process.

Enva and SLG share a belief that leather can be produced in an environmentally responsible manner and have worked in partnership for over 25 years to develop sustainable routes for the recovery and reuse of waste from the process. To date, there have been many successes including the installation of a thermal gasification plant. This converts waste material which might have gone to landfill into sustainable energy that is used to power the manufacturing facility.

Striving for further improvements, Enva undertakes detailed audits and analysis of waste production and management on site. This information is used to identify innovations that will further improve operational efficiency, driving waste minimisation and recycling a wide range of materials including wood, plastics, metals, ash, paper and card.

As part of their commitment to operating a sustainable business, Scottish Leather Group (SLG) has had a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ policy since 2003 and a mission to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Dr Warren Bowden, Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Scottish Leather Group says, “We don’t see sustainable manufacturing as a set of limitations, but an opportunity. Continual innovation and sharing our practices and commitments is essential to achieve our goal: a zero-impact sustainable manufacturing platform for leather.”

As of 2021, Scottish Leather Group is officially manufacturing the lowest carbon leather in the world

See Enva's 2021 Sustainability Report for additional Case Studies: Sustainability Report SR21