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Brexit Statement

Brexit Statement

We have reviewed our operations in the light of Brexit and concluded that the products and services supplied by Enva to our customers are not expected to be significantly impacted by Brexit or a no-deal scenario. However, it is impossible for any company to have total clarity at this stage.

The majority of the services supplied are to customers within either ROI or the UK. The waste materials we manage are generally processed for re-use domestically within ROI or the UK or, in the case of ROI, exported to partners in other EU countries for further treatment. The products that we manufacture generally use raw materials sourced domestically from within ROI or the UK respectively.

A small percentage of UK-origin waste is exported to the EU in the form of alternative fuel products. In these cases, we are comfortable that the regulatory regimes supporting such transfrontier waste movements will survive, even in a no-deal Brexit scenario. We have activated contingency plans that rely on managing storage capacity to deal with any shorter-term logistics difficulties that might ensue around and after October 31st.

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