Coronavirus (COVID-19) - News update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - News update

Since the update of 27 March, we would like to update you on how Enva are responding to COVID-19 and the activities we are prioritising to support key customers and provide critical services. 

Over the past week, as restrictions have tightened, demand has deteriorated across most divisions and service categories. An increasing number of our customers’ facilities are temporarily closing, which has reduced or halted their requirements for waste collection and other Resource Recovery services that Enva would normally supply. 

There are, however, certain areas of our business that have seen an uplift as a direct result of the measures that governments have put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. For example, demand from utility, water, electricity, fuel and internet services customers that rely on Enva services has increased. These customers rely on Enva to support the resilience of their own systems as they see major changes in their demand profiles. Notwithstanding reduced resources on our part, we are reorganising to support these critical service provider industries.

In these unprecedented times we are all pulling together to provide essential support where we can. Enva is continuing to prioritise its services to hospitals, healthcare and other critical sectors that are the backbone of the fight against the spread of the virus. We are also offering, where possible, our support to local authorities in the UK that are stretched with the dramatic increases in household waste that is being generated. While our domestic skip offering benefits from the closure of Civic Amenity Centres / Household Waste Recycling Centres, we are increasingly concerned at the impact of these closures (fly-tipping, waste burning) and are in discussions with relevant authorities to find practical solutions.

Enva is also directly playing a part in combatting the spread of the virus. In Ireland we are switching capacity to increase the manufacture of our ECOSAN disinfectant and sanitiser product, which can be delivered to customers in bulk, or provided to a range of commercial, industrial and local authority customers as part of an on-site disinfection service. Separately, we are allocating IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to the manufacture of a hand sanitiser gel which allows us to donate 2,000 cases of 12 x 250ml bottles to the nursing home and healthcare sectors in the locality of our Enva facilities. 

This is a challenging time for everyone and Enva is doing everything it can to support its customers and, where possible, help our communities in the direct fight again the spread of COVID-19.