ECOSAN - Disinfecting during COVID-19

ECOSAN - Disinfecting during COVID-19

With the current spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) businesses are required to take precautions to slow the spread of the virus through essential hygiene management. Enva’s ECOSAN disinfectant/sanitiser product is used by customers for diligent cleaning of frequently touched objects and surfaces.

ECOSAN is specially formulated for broad spectrum antibacterial and virucidal application. ECOSAN contains an ingredient called Vantocil, a fast-acting bactericide for the formulation of disinfectants and sanitisers. It is a 20% aqueous solution of poly (hexamethylene biguanide) hydrochloride, also known as PHMB.

ECOSAN is a powerful concentrated disinfectant sanitiser for use on all food preparation surfaces and food processing equipment, walls, floors, laboratories and other high-risk areas. Areas of application for ECOSAN include public transport, airlines, sterile laboratory, office desks, hotel and catering kitchens, surgical benches, dentistry appliances, veterinary clinics, nursing homes and restaurants.

ECOSAN provides consistent and long-term performance preventing microbial resistance and is available for delivery within the UK and ROI. For further product information, safety datasheets and analysis, please contact us.

Safe and easy to use

ECOSAN provides an unsurpassed, safe and effective replacement for conventional cleaners, bleaches and disinfectants. Being water based, ECOSAN is safe and easy to use, with no unwanted side effects such as taint, smell or handling hazards. 

Please note, ECOSAN is not a hand sanitiser product.

ECOSAN benefits

• Powerful concentrated disinfectant, killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses
• Safe and effective replacement for conventional cleaners, bleaches and disinfectants

Enva supplies a range of bespoke biological and chemical cleaning products and detergents to distributers, resellers and industrial customers. These products are environmentally friendly, non toxic and biodegradable, using different blends of microorganisms, bacteria or chemicals to target odours, dirt and grime, fats, greases and organic wastes.

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