Emergency response during COVID-19

Emergency response during COVID-19

The current situation with COVID-19 is an unusual and difficult one for everyone. On top of these additional challenges we are all facing, accidents and emergencies will, unfortunately, still happen. When they do, it is good to know that you still have someone you can call on if you need to. Enva (Republic of Ireland) will continue to provide their emergency response services as normal during this crisis, and we would like to assure potential customers that we are available 24/7 should the worst happen. 

Enva’s response team works closely with other emergency services to help manage your crisis, which includes spill response for oil incidents and chemical emergencies including the required clean up operation. We are fully insured and and are members of the International Spill Accreditation Association (ISAA). All hazardous and specialist waste recovered is safely transported to our wholly owned facilities for treatment and, where possible, recovery. 

A recent example of a successful emergency response situation;

On Monday 16th March a tanker carrying 26,000L of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) was involved in a road traffic accident, causing the tanker to overturn and rupture. The HFO was released onto the main N69 road stretching over a distance of 2kms and surrounding residential properties. Enva quickly mobilised a a highly trained and experienced emergency response team who attended the scene at speed. With specialist equipment including ADR jet vacuum units, emergency response trailers and hot power washers we quickly manage the situation at hand. 

The initial priority was to contain the oil spill and, following the containment, the free flowing oil was removed prior to the road surface being cleaned with specialised jets and detergent. The oil, along with any contaminated soil, adsorbent material and other waste material was then removed form the site and taken to one of our specialist facilities for treatment.

Enva - your emergency response partner, during COVID-19 and beyond. 

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