Enva announces Amiad partnership

Enva announces Amiad partnership

Leading environmental and water services provider, Enva, has announced a partnership that will see it become the sole distributor for Amiad Water Systems in Ireland while also making the company’s products available to its UK customers. 

Amiad is a world leader in water treatment and filtration solutions, with nearly 60 years of field experience and a focus on innovation. The distribution agreement with Enva encompasses Amiad’s four filtration technologies (screen, disc, microfiber and media) together with a broad range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual filters. These will further boost Enva’s portfolio and support its customers in effectively treating and filtering water and wastewater across a range of industries including municipal, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, plastic, energy, chemical, oil, manufacturing and data centres. 

Commenting on the agreement Enva’s Managing Director, Simon Dick, said: “We are delighted to have formalised our relationship with Amiad who are widely regarded as manufacturing some of the most flexible and high-quality products available on the market.  Our industrial filtration solutions are suitable for all types of water and contaminants, across numerous applications. This agreement ensures continuity of supply and cost-effective access to these high-performance filtration systems for all our customers.” 

John Wilson, Amiad UK also commented: “This exciting partnership brings together two companies who share many values and a commitment to service excellence.  We look forward to continuing to develop the relationship and working together to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by different water sources, outlet requirements and working conditions.”

Enva offers solutions for all water filtration needs, providing end-to-end support from planning to commissioning and maintenance. Flexible configuration options make the company’s products suitable for installation anywhere along the water system line.

The image above shows pressurised media filters installed in a municipal drinking water application (ROI). Amiad product installed by Enva: 2 off patented double vortex 1200 Filters. Fully containerised integrated UV and filtration system, high efficiency range of filters that filter down to sub 1.0 micron to produce a supply of clean water that is free of solids and has a reduced bacterial count. Filtration of up to 5 times more water as a conventional filter achieving only 20-micron filtration. Reducing backwash water to drain by up to 95%, and maintaining minimal process water loss.

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