Enva expands oil recycling operations

Enva expands oil recycling operations

Enva, a resource recovery company operating across the UK and Ireland, has announced the expansion of its recycling operations in Northern Ireland with the acquisition of Thompson Recycled Oil Limited’s waste oil business.

The acquisition will see Enva take over the collection and processing of waste oil from Thompson’s customer base with effect from today. The acquisition does not include Thompson’s site, collection or processing assets.

The waste oil resulting from the region’s shipping and automotive industries, together with oily residues and contaminated waters from a range of commercial and industrial services activities, will be processed at Enva’s Drumaness facility where the oil is recycled into a product used in the manufacture of asphalt and the residues and waters are treated, and then disposed of or recovered in line with best practice. 

For an initial period, the business will continue to be operated at Thompson’s site before being moved by Enva to its Drumaness site which is being redeveloped to meet the increase in throughput as part of its continued investment in Northern Ireland. 

“This move will ensure Northern Ireland’s producers of waste oil continue to receive the highest quality service and realise the environmental benefits of recycling this valuable resource” said Enva’s Northern Ireland director, Barry Phillips. “We look forward to working with Thompson to ensure a smooth transition, offering our new and existing customers a competitive and efficient service and the benefits of our continued investment in our Drumaness recycling facility.”