Enva launches The Enva Foundation

Enva launches The Enva Foundation

Following the announcement of the company’s plans to set up a ‘social good’ enterprise in its latest Sustainability Report, Enva has today officially launched The Enva Foundation.

The Enva Foundation will channel pro-bono services and expertise from within Enva into multidisciplinary projects that will protect, manage, and restore native habitats damaged by human activity. Enhancing these environments and their biodiversity will help to restore natural spaces for nature to thrive and for communities and future generations to enjoy.

Enva recognises that lasting outcomes with a genuine positive impact will require a collaborative approach. On that basis the foundation will work to establish public–private philanthropic partnerships with government, corporate and private bodies to provide expertise and specialist services that deliver outcomes with impact. This will include leveraging the skills and resources found in the company’s own supply chain.

In addition, the foundation aims to provide a platform for education and innovation that draws communities together and expedites the shift to long-term environmental sustainability and the creation of real social value.

Commenting on the launch Enva’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Matt Farnsworth, said:

“Enva, and many of our customers, are increasingly concerned about biodiversity loss and human damage to our planet’s ecosystems. Last year we extended our vision to take an active role in the regeneration and rewilding of our natural environment and over the last few months we have been developing several projects of significant scale. As a company rooted in environmental protection, we are uniquely positioned to utilise our skills, knowledge and resources to deliver these projects and have engaged with a number of partners to initiate them this year.”

For more information on the Enva Foundation or to find out more about getting involved in one of its projects please visit www.enva.com/foundation