Enva to keep ScotRail on recycling fast track

Enva to keep ScotRail on recycling fast track

We are pleased to announce the extension of our contract with ScotRail.

This will see Enva continue to provide over 40,000 waste collections a year to more than 200 locations including stations, depots and offices. Delivered from our 8 Scottish sites, we cost-effectively and sustainably manage over 4,000 tonnes of waste from passengers and operations including general waste, mixed recycling, food, glass, wood, green waste, WEEE, confidential material, fluorescent tubes, scrap metal and hazardous waste.

“The extension of our contract with ScotRail recognises the excellent working relationship that has been developed over the years,” said Enva’s Sales Director, Stephen Cameron. “With the continued hard work and commitment of our account managers and ScotRail’s Sustainability Team we are confident that we will further improve recycling rates and develop increasingly sustainable practices to support the development of Scotland’s circular economy.”

Since starting to work with ScotRail over 10 years ago, our partnership approach has resulted in 100% of non-hazardous waste serviced in-house being diverted from landfill and a 10% increase in material recovery rates taking recycling rates to over 80%. This has all been achieved alongside year-on-year cost savings as we seek to recover even more economic and environmental value from the waste we manage. 

These improvements have been driven by a number of collaborative initiatives to drive efficiency savings, including analysis and tailoring schedules to requirements (particularly relevant during COVID restrictions), and to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill through increased source segregation and recycling. Site league tables, toolbox talks and annual station and depot recycling awards are further examples. There has also been a focus on providing accurate data and management information. This enables both parties to benchmark site recycling performance, identify trends, highlight best and poorer performing sites, measure success or failure against agreed objectives, accurately forecast waste spend and identify cost reduction opportunities. 

Damian Keaveny, Head of Environment adds, “Working with Enva has played an important role in helping us to meet our sustainability goals particularly in relation to the development of the circular economy principles. In working together, we firstly seek to prevent waste arising wherever possible. When this is not possible, we ensure it is managed in the most sustainable way possible.  Good communication, collaboration and the provision of accurate data have been key factors in our success so far and heavily influenced our decision to extend Enva’s contract.”