Muirhead  Eco group - kitted and ready to go

Muirhead Eco group - kitted and ready to go

Enva were delighted to support Muirhead Primary School in Troon on their latest Eco group initiative. The Muirhead Eco Group was formed following a toolbox talk given by Enva to pupils on waste segregation and recycling. Tom Horner, Sales and Operations Manager, from the Irvine depot who delivered the talk said,

“The school approached us for a donation of litter picking equipment to support their newly established Eco group. We were more than happy to lend our support as we were encouraged to hear that the group was assembled after our recycling awareness talk.”

Enva supplied the Eco champions with litter picking kits which included a hi-viz vest, litter picker and gloves. The children appear delighted, ready for litter picking action, with their new kit as can be seen in the above picture.

Following the donation, the pupils took time out to send Enva thank you letters illustrated with pictures of themselves utilising the new kit.

Tom continues, “Our staff have enjoyed reading the thank you letters from the kids, it’s great to see them getting so involved in keeping their local area tidy and free from litter.”

Muirhead Primary School is an example of where Enva strives to go beyond our environmental responsibilities, to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.