Rebuilding construction safely

Rebuilding construction safely

The construction sector is one of the UK’s biggest employers and is vital in our efforts to restart the economy.   As one of the UK’s leading waste and recycling companies, Enva is committed to supporting the construction industry as it works to safely restart activity following the easing of Government restrictions. 

We recognise that re-establishing construction to its pre COVOID levels will take time. It will also involve new ways of working as we find a new normal. For this reason, Enva is committed to providing the flexibility that companies need to restart operations whilst still managing their waste in an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Some of the ways we are able to help ensure our customers adhere to Government advice include: 

  • Review of onsite waste facilities to ensure there is ample capacity and waste levels are kept to a minimum
  • Optimise collection schedules to control costs and ensure waste is regularly removed from site and does not build up 
  • Provide specialist waste services for PPE or waste that may have potentially been contaminated by COVID-19
  • Provision of large-scale disinfection services either internally or externally, including misting equipment and personnel. These can be offered as a one-off or regular service 
  • Provision of Hand sanitiser with 80% alcohol content in 1000 litre IBCs
  • Provision of our market leading ECOSAN disinfectant in 1000 litre IBCs

Regular dialogue is maintained with all our customers to ensure we fully adhere to site specific risk assessments and health & safety requirements.

For more information on how Enva is working with the construction sector and can support your businesses in reopening and maintaining COVID-19 secure sites, please either contact your account manager or click here