Reconditioned bulk containers now available in England and Scotland

Reconditioned bulk containers now available in England and Scotland

Enva is pleased to now be able to offer reconditioned bulk containers, and recycling services for these containers, throughout England and Scotland. This means more of our customers can now realise the commercial and environmental benefits of recycled and reconditioned containers without any compromise on quality.

With our depots in Nottinghamshire and Glasgow acting as network hubs, all our customers’ containers are reconditioned or recycled through our EPA licenced remanufacturing site in the Republic of Ireland - the only UN approved facility on the island.  

Enva’s range of recycling and reconditioning services includes:


  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

IBC’S are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage sectors for the transportation and storage of liquids, semi-solids, pastes and solids.

Our UN approved reconditioned IBC range include 640lts, 1000lts and 1250lts clear bottle, UV bulk bottle and anti-static EX zones 1&2. The empty containers are all washed, dried, and leak tested to original UN approved standards. Our IBC reconditioning services are designed to meet our customers’ needs and can be supplied with steel, plastic or wooden pallets. These also come with a security foil seal and valve screw on all bottom valves for added security etc.

Our container laundering services enable our customers to re-use their IBCs, saving money and improving their environmental credentials. The service is carried out to the same exacting levels as our reconditioning services.

  • UN approved drums

Empty drums that are suitable for reconditioning are drained of any excess liquid and then processed through a triple wash line and cleaned internally. They are reshaped and dents are removed, steam vacuums take off any labels and inks, and they are also shot blasted to remove paints. All drums are then leak tested and inspected thoroughly to grade the drum before being repainted in various customer colours and printed logos. The ability to provide reconditioned drums provides a full closed-loop recycling service for customers.  

Recycling Services

Steel Drums are drained of any excess residue and prewashed to remove any heavy sludges or oils. If a drum or IBC cannot be reconditioned due to excessive damage or staining, the constituent parts can be broken down and recycled back into new products. This circular solution ensures that these commercially and environmentally valuable resources are not lost forever in landfills and at the same time avoids expensive disposal costs.

All our customers are furnished with a certificate of recycling, which offers full traceability and peace of mind for their business.

For more information on our bulk container recycling services please contact us at




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