'Recycled Product of the Year' shortlisting for Easi bedding range

'Recycled Product of the Year' shortlisting for Easi bedding range

We are delighted to announce that our easi bedding range has been shortlisted in the Recycled Product of the Year category at this year’s National Recycling Awards.   

Enva’s use of clean waste wood to manufacture high quality animal bedding is tangible evidence of the circular economy in action and exemplifies how sustainable supply chains needn’t reflect a compromise in quality.   

Our commitment to realising environmental and commercial value is supported by technological innovation. This includes a unique treatment technology for our poultry bedding, easichick, which ensures the product is bacteria free and manufactured in a bio-secure environment.   

Post use, the beddings’ Organic Farmers & Growers accreditation means it can be used on gardens or farmland as a soil enhancer as well as in a biomass plant or biodigester to produce sustainable energy.   

For more information on Enva’s recycled wood products click here.