Sustainable Supply Chains | Working with ISG

Sustainable Supply Chains | Working with ISG

Enva has worked in partnership with the global construction specialist ISG for over a decade to deliver excellence in resource recovery solutions across their Scottish operations.

Our joined-up approach has resulted in the delivery of successful processes that have provided significant benefits, such as cost reduction and landfill diversion. It has also played an important role in enabling ISG to achieve their sustainability goals and supported their wider environmental agenda.

Over recent years, this process has diverted 98% of waste from landfill as well as delivering significant cost benefits

ISG are currently working in some of the most remote locations in Scotland, including the Isle of Skye and Islay. This requires a waste management partner capable of supporting them in these challenging locations and developing tailored solutions that take in to account several parameters including location, space available, waste types and cost.

Enva and ISG partner with a local company on Islay to remove recyclable materials such as stone, rubble and wood. The rest of the waste is bulked and taken to our Linwood (Glasgow) facility for processing. This solution avoids any materials being landfilled on the island and also helped ISG meet their sustainability targets by dramatically reducing their transport emissions.

Jim Murray, Supply Chain Manager, ISG Construction, says, “Enva’s ability to draw on resource management experience from across the UK construction industry enables us to accelerate the rate of change to a more sustainable future. In doing so, we will do more than simply minimise damage to the environment and ensure every action we take results in a net gain to society.” 

See Enva's 2021 Sustainability Report for additional Case Studies: Sustainability Report SR21