Waste Management Partnership with Axis

Waste Management Partnership with Axis

Enva services over 130 Axis maintained properties a year and manages more than 1,500 tonnes of waste. Over the past two years both companies have been working collaboratively to transform Axis' waste management, moving closer to their ‘zero waste to landfill’ ambition.

Our relationship with Axis Europe began in 2021 when the company took the decision to consolidate its waste management supply chain from over 20 providers.

Based in London, with regional offices located throughout the UK, Axis Europe specialises in the improvement and maintenance of Housing, Heritage, Education, Public and Commercial properties. 

Access to the MyEnva portal has significantly improved Axis’ waste reporting. The visibility of recycling performance has allowed them to gain deeper insight into the carbon footprint of the waste they generate, moving them closer to their ‘zero waste to landfill’ ambition.

The results delivered in this first two years of our partnership speaks volumes for the impact that Enva’s support for Axis Europe has had:

  • Recycling rate of 98% - up from 94% in the previous 6 months
  • Improved data and operational efficiencies have reduced costs - with one project alone saving 16% a year
  • Focus on the ‘Proximity Principle’ – reducing the distance waste is transported has cut fuel usage and CO2 emissions
  • Supporting the ‘Axis Foundation’ and their ’Community Clear Up Days’
  • A much-improved chance of meeting Axis’ ‘zero waste to landfill’ ambition by 2030 

Enva shares Axis’ belief that sustainability practices should not be guided by what we must do but rather by what we feel is right, as this is likely to have a greater impact in protecting our environment for the future. Our team looks forward to continuing the collaborative approach that will control costs and realise the environmental and commercial value of any waste that is produced.

“At Axis, we have recently set a zero to landfill target by 2030, and we could not do that with any other partner than Enva.
The only way to map out the future is to know where you start, and we can’t do that without fully transparent and accurate data. We are currently sitting at 98% diversion from landfill rate, and only by analysing our waste data we can put in new strategies to reach 100%. It is clear to see how much Enva are investing in the future and the circular solutions they are creating. I am confident that Enva will help Axis with our goals.”  
Oliver Refson, Sustainability & Quality Manager, Axis.

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