UV water treatment

Disinfection for Clean, Safe, Compliant Water

UV Technology is a widely used and recognised method for the disinfection of microbiological contaminants in drinking and waste water. Enva has partnered with atg UV Technology, to offer a range of independently validated UV water treatment systems for guaranteed disinfection performance. The range of products includes Low Pressure UV Systems, Low Pressure Amalgam UV Systems, Medium Pressure UV Systems and Integrated UV Skid Packages and Containerised Solutions. Our systems can be utilised to provide effective treatment within the following parameters:

  • Flow rates – 5m3/hr – 6000m3/hr
  • UVT ranges – 49% UVT – 98% UVT

Water treatment works across the world are now investing heavily in ultraviolet water treatment technology as the threat of chlorine resistant parasites, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, continue to pose a serious risk to water companies and their customers. As industry leaders with considerable experience in supplying US EPA Validated UV systems for drinking water applications, atg UV Technology and Enva are well placed to support and advise drinking water companies on:

  • System validation
  • Log reduction
  • RED Dose
  • Installation into existing infrastructures, upgrades and retrofits
  • On-going industry regulation and future product development

Ultraviolet disinfection systems are used to ensure water is free from harmful organisms and is a proven, regulated and environmentally friendly technology. It does not affect taste, colour, or pH of the fluid being disinfected. Through testing of the water we can determine the transmission value of UV light and in conjunction with flow rate analysis, known biological challenges and treatment cycles we can specify the most appropriate system.