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We manufacture a range of award-winning sustainable products including animal beddings, from our recycled wood. Here's a bit of information about some of them but for more info visit

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The original alternative horse bedding & still the best!

Its dust free and supportive properties have made easibed a favourite with horses and their owners alike for almost two decades. Made from clean recycled white wood fibre, easibed provides a comfortable, free-draining bed for horses, and a dust free, healthy environment for their owners.


A dust free wood fibre bedding which has been specially designed for commercial poultry, smallholders and those with pet chickens and other birds.

easichick is biosecure making it bacteria free, which is great not only for protecting the health of birds and chicks, but also for protecting the health of unhatched chicks.easichick boasts a host of other benefits not found with traditional poultry beddings, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to provide the best for their birds while saving themselves time cleaning out houses. And because less bedding is needed it proves more economical too.


A reduced dust wood fibre bedding designed specifically for dairy cattle.

Tests have shown that over a period of time cows on easicattle remain cleaner and stay healthier, helping reduce their likelihood of infection. easicattle is made from recycled wood which undergoes a stringent cleaning and production process to produce a clean, safe and soft bedding for cattle to bed down on.


Our aim is to solve your wood waste problems from collection through to useful products.
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