Enva Foundation

Established in 2023, the Enva Foundation is a ‘social good’ initiative dedicated to providing pro bono services, expertise and funding to environmental remediation projects that help to protect, manage, remedy, and restore natural native habitats affected by decline and human activity. As a company rooted in environmental protection, we are uniquely positioned to utilise Enva’s skills, capabilities, knowledge and resources to achieve this.

Our mission is to safeguard the environment and biodiversity, while returning value for communities and future generations. 
“The team in Enva were increasingly aware of the importance of ecosystem services, the crucial value of biodiversity, and the need for human society to work closely with Nature to achieve a sustainable future. It was this awareness, coupled with the capabilities that we as a team can bring to tackle specific contamination challenges that led us to set up the Enva Foundation… we wanted to play our part and give a bit back to Nature”.    
Matt Farnsworth, Chief Sustainability Officer     


The European Green Deal & COP26 clearly define the need to both protect and restore native ecosystems. Both Ireland and the UK have experienced near-total destruction of native woodland, peatland, and pristine river systems.

Collaborating with governmental, non-governmental, corporate, and private bodies, the Foundation addresses the multitude of threatened habitats and post-industrial sites throughout the UK and Ireland that lay abandoned or in a poor state; sites which are having a devastating impact on the environment, local communities, and biodiversity. 

“Enva remains fully committed to maximising its role in the development of the Circular Economy. The work of the Enva Foundation helps to address the accelerating change in climate and the dangerous loss of biodiversity we have witnessed over recent decades.’’

 Tom Walsh, Enva CEO

Enva Foundation objectives

  • To protect, remedy, and restore natural habitats in the United Kingdom and Ireland that have been affected by decline and human activity.
  • To safeguard the environment and biodiversity by undertaking projects, initiatives, and programs that contribute to the remediation, restoration and conservation of native ecosystems.
  • To provide a platform for research, education, and awareness campaigns aimed at promoting environmentally sound practices and the appreciation of the natural world.
  • To collaborate with governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations, local communities, and other stakeholders to achieve the Foundation's mission.
  • To provide financial support and pro bono services to projects and initiatives aligned with the Foundation's objectives. 

The Foundation is not a registered charity and is governed by a Management Board operating under Terms of Reference. The Management Board ensures that the Foundation operates effectively within Enva, adheres to its objectives, operates transparently, and maintains its commitment to the environment, local communities and academic collaboration.

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