Enva - committed to the recovery of the UK manufacturing sector

Enva - committed to the recovery of the UK manufacturing sector

The UK manufacturing sector has demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. So much so in fact that a remarkable 9/10 manufacturing businesses continued to operate in some capacity despite the obvious challenges they faced.

It’s no surprise however that a recent report by Make UK and Santander UK found that it’s likely to take time for UK manufacturing to reach the levels of growth it was experiencing pre-COVID.

The report sets out some of the key challenges faced by sector while recognising how quickly manufacturers responded during the crisis - helping with the production of personal protection equipment (PPE) for example. Some of its key findings include:

  • Confidence the sector can still be at forefront of helping the UK meet its net zero carbon target
  • The importance of diversification and removing dependence on a single product or market to balance future risk
  • Issues that resulted from the frailty of some supply chains and logistics capability, together with over dependence on China
  • The need to develop digital skills that can support the adoption of technology.

It also called on the government to support the sector in:

  • Recognising UK manufacturing as a critical sector
  • Powering a digital future through a new and improved data
  • Encouraging and rewarding investment in the Green Economy
  • Developing a National Skills Taskforce to meet future skills needs

The role of the recycling & resource recovery sector

As a long-time provider of waste and recycling services, Enva has developed strong connections with UK manufacturing businesses of all shapes and sizes.  As the country works towards a new normal, and production levels continue to increase, we are committed to supporting the recovery of the manufacturing sector and helping to once again position it at the forefront of the UK economy.

One way we can do this is by helping to optimise our waste and recycling services during these challenging times. In doing so we can realise significant commercial benefits whilst also helping to ensure a COVID secure workplace.

Control costs

A significant number of manufacturers are currently operating at well under full capacity.  As a result, waste and recycling systems are likely to be underutilised and businesses are paying for unneeded collections or containers.

Health & Safety 

Throughout the crisis the government has emphasised the importance of clearing workspaces and removing waste at the end of each shift or day and how this can help to control the spread of the virus.

Free waste & recycling review 

To help manufacturers ensure they have the correct waste and recycling services in place, Enva is offering a free review of current arrangements together with a set of tailored recommendations. The recommendations will ensure:

• Adequate waste & recycling capacity for current operational levels with excess capacity eliminated to reduce costs
• Ability to upscale services and capacity in line with increased production levels
• All opportunities to recycle and reuse material are utilised – supporting the development of more sustainable supply chains and cutting disposal costs
• Flexibly to recycle materials if and when new products are introduced into the portfolio. 

To book your free review, or for further details on how Enva is supporting its manufacturing customers, please contact marketing@enva.com.

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