Manufacturing recycling and resource recovery

Manufacturing recycling and resource recovery

A specialist recycling and resource recovery partner is essential to ensure an efficient, compliant and sustainable business. We provide tailored waste solutions for general and hazardous waste, industrial services and a complete portfolio of waste collection and recovery solutions. We can also help with planned maintenance shutdowns, de-commissioning and site clearance.

Recovering and recycling the waste we generate conserves our precious natural resources, reduces environmental impact and supports a circular economy. Enva converts as much waste as possible into new materials, products and energy sources, diverting it from landfill and helping our customers realise both commercial and environmental benefits. We don’t simply collect waste - we transform it.

We’re here to help businesses embrace the opportunities managing waste as a resource can bring.

Please contact us to enquire or to arrange a free, no obligation, waste audit. The waste audit is an opportunity to review existing waste and recycling services and ensure provision is aligned with changing production levels and materials.  

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"The Enva team are always there to offer advice on legislation requirements and consistently advocate continuous improvement. We acknowledge the vast improvements in our waste management since beginning our working relationship with the Enva Team."

Our free, no obligation, waste audits provide valuable insight into how waste and recycling services can be re-engineered to be more efficient and get spend back on track. By reviewing existing arrangements, the audit seeks to identify opportunities for increasing recycling rates, diverting waste from landfill, and resource recovery in line with the waste hierarchy, best practices and current legislation. 

The output of the waste audit will enable businesses to

  • Right size waste management services for today’s waste volumes and materials
  • Ensure flexibility for changes in production levels
  • Maximise recycling opportunities across multiple waste streams and, or sites
  • Realise cost savings and value from the waste they produce

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From one-off collections to complete waste management solutions, our decades of experience and dedication to our customers has seen us set new industry standards. 

We operate a diverse and fully owned fleet of state-of-the- art collection vehicles, designed to ensure the safe collection and transportation of all general, specialist and hazardous waste materials. Once collected, all waste is taken to one of Enva’s specialist facilities ensuring that as much as possible is recycled or recovered.

Partnering businesses to deliver a fully compliant and cost-effective service with recovery at its heart is an enabler for modern organisations to meet their commercial and sustainable aspirations.

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We strive to provide closed-loop recycling solutions where waste materials are separated and recovered as secondary resources or used in the manufacture of new products. Where this is not possible, they are used as a fuel in the production of sustainable energy.

Continually investing in research and development allows us to recover even more waste materials from a host of consumer, commercial and industrial manufacturing sources. Whether it’s producing recycled glass cullet for new bottles, aggregates for the construction industry or energy from waste oil, very little of what we collect is sent to landfill.

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Hazardous waste can be highly complex and hugely varied which requires it to be managed safely and to the highest environmental standards. As with all waste types, our focus is on recycling and recovery through new and innovative processes. If waste cannot be recycled or recovered it will be treated to ensure it can be disposed of safely and compliantly.

Whether it’s oils, contaminated soil, clinical waste or chemicals, our experience and expertise means a solution is always available.

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Enva has developed a suite of products and services to help its manufacturing customers return to work and adhere to the constantly evolving Government advice and maintain safer workspaces, these include:  

  • Optimised collection schedules to control costs and ensure waste is regularly removed from site
  • Specialist waste services for PPE or wastes that may have potentially been contaminated by COVID-19
  • Large-scale disinfection services
  • Hand sanitiser with 80% alcohol content in 1000 litre IBCs
  • Our market leading ECOSAN disinfectant in 1000 litre IBCs or in ready to use 20 litre drums

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