We take your waste wood and recycle it into sustainable and useful products.

Waste Wood Solutions

No one wants to send wood to landfill. It’s expensive and bad for our environment. That's why we always aim to ensure our gate fee is less than you would pay to send to landfill.

We take your waste wood and recycle it into sustainable and useful products, leaving you with a sense of achievement and helping you to reach your recycling targets.

As a customer of Enva Wood Recycling you will be provided with:

  • A full audit trail of your recovered wood from site to recycled product
  • Dates and times of all loads received from your company
  • Tailored reports – monthly/quarterly/yearly – to meet your requirements
  • A list of acceptable materials we can receive from you

The price you pay will be based on the lowest grade of wood in the mix, therefore segregating materials in mixed loads before they arrive on site will prove the most cost effective for you.

We have seven sites across England and Scotland and operate:

  • Curtain-sided vehicles for stackable materials
  • Bulkers and walking floors for pre-crushed materials
  • A customer on-site tip facility

Whatever your requirement, we can offer a flexible and made-to-measure answer that will suit your needs in terms of quantity, collection method and frequency of collection.

Discounts may be available for large tonnages, such as those from civic amenity sites and local authorities. Please contact us for further information.

Whatever the price, recycling your wood with us is not only a greener option than sending it to landfill, it’s also a cost effective one.

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Our aim is to solve your wood waste problems from collection through to useful products.

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